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Episode 1: Pilot

I caught the new medical show House on Fox. I enjoyed it and the show definitely has potential.

Hugh Laurie does an excellent job portraying the eponymous Dr. Gregory House. Dr. House is a wounded (both physically and mentally) character who is considered one of the most brilliant physicians in the nation. The trouble is, he hates to deal with patients. His ethics and morals are questionable. He is a complex and interesting character. The rest of the cast is more forgettable. Omar Epps and Jennifer Morrison show some promise as two of the young doctors; the third young doctor, played by Jesse Spencer, doesn’t show much of a personality yet. Robert Sean Leonard simply fades into the background whenever he’s in a scene.

The plot was essentially a medical mystery. Why does this pretty young kindergarten teacher have all these horrible symptoms? What condition does she have, and how do we cure it?

The answer was clever and not too unbelievable. I did have problems with the way the supposedly brilliant Dr. House arrived at his conclusions. There seemed to be no logic behind his deductions, he just seized on some minuscule fact and used it to concoct some untenable theory. That he turned out to be right in the end seemed more luck then skill.

Still, the series was very watchable and I’ll make sure to watch next week’s show.

Some minor nit-picks (and very minor spoilers):

    * Are there no radiologists or radiology techs at the hospital? How come the young guns have to run all their own tests?
    * Wasn’t it convenient that the teacher got a severe allergic reaction to the gadolinium and couldn’t receive the diagnostic MRI — even had an emergency tracheostomy — yet managed to recover from this anaphylactic shock in a phenomenally fast time? And even if she couldn’t get the MRI done, what about a CT scan?
    * No oncologist I know would give radiation therapy without knowing first what kind of cancer it is, or at least exactly where it is.
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